Fish Doxycycline: Antibiotics for Your Aquatic Amigo

How Does Fish Doxycycline Work?

Fish doxycycline is an antibiotic, meaning it fights, halts the growth of, and kills bacteria. This particular type is designed for taking on the microorganisms that cause several common bacterial diseases in fish. Examples include mouth, fin, or tail rot, all deteriorating infections; and septicemia, a lethal and horrific virus.

If you have any concerns about how to administer fish doxycycline, it is as simple as dipping tablets into the tank. The exact number depends on the tank’s capacity: as DailyMed instructs, every 15 gallons of tank water requires a single tablet every 24 hours. They also recommend “a partial water change … between treatments.” You should continue the treatment for between five and ten days, until you see a change in your fish’s condition.

As the tablets dissolve in the water, fish absorb the doxycycline through their skin. Once it works its way inside them, it gets to work on killing gram-positive bacteria. With regular treatments and water changes, the fish may soon recover and swim comfortably once more.

Get Fish Doxycycline Today

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