The sudden death of a pet fish is often mined for humor and drama in television. However, for those who genuinely love their own pet fish, this danger can be all too real and present. Thankfully, what they do not often show in sitcoms is that these marine creatures can live long and happy lives.

The best way that owners can increase their tank-dwelling companion’s chances of long-term survival is to learn how to spot and treat common fish maladies. To help with this, here is some information on fish doxycycline, a popular and versatile medicine designed exclusively for your finny friend.

How Does Fish Doxycycline Work?

Fish doxycycline is an antibiotic, meaning it fights, halts the growth of, and kills bacteria. This particular type is designed for taking on the microorganisms that cause several common bacterial diseases in fish. Examples include mouth, fin, or tail rot, all deteriorating infections; and septicemia, a lethal and horrific virus.

If you have any concerns about how to administer fish doxycycline, it is as simple as dipping tablets into the tank. The exact number depends on the tank’s capacity: as DailyMed instructs, every 15 gallons of tank water requires a single tablet every 24 hours. They also recommend “a partial water change … between treatments.” You should continue the treatment for between five and ten days, until you see a change in your fish’s condition.

As the tablets dissolve in the water, fish absorb the doxycycline through their skin. Once it works its way inside them, it gets to work on killing gram-positive bacteria. With regular treatments and water changes, the fish may soon recover and swim comfortably once more.

A Note About Human Ingestion

It is not often that veterinarians and health experts need to warn human beings against using medicine created for non-human animals. And yet, there has been a surprising surge in reported incidents of people doing exactly that. The reasoning seems to be that fish and humans can be treated with some of the same antibiotics. Moreover, purchasing these capsules is significantly cheaper than American hospital care, especially for those without health insurance.

This is troubling for all sorts of reasons. Without proper testing, people cannot always be sure that any DIY treatments they are considering would actually improve their health. Using the wrong medicine could actually worsen their issues, especially if they use it for too long.

The problem is only compounded by the total lack of FDA regulation for just about any fish medicine, including doxycycline. Companies can use whatever ingredients they want without regard for human safety, largely because they do not expect anything but fish to consume their products.

Simply put, what works for fish anatomy may not be as effective on the human body. If something is designated for pets only, then people should only get it to treat their pets.

Get Fish Doxycycline Today

If your pet fish is showing signs of disease from nasty bacteria, you should not hesitate to provide them with the care they need. California Veterinary Supply’s massive inventory of pet products includes a varied selection of capsules and tablets for aquatic ailments, including fish doxycycline. We do not want anyone to live out the sitcom nightmare of seeing their buddies floating belly-up. With some of our medicine in the tank, you can support them in their fight curable infections.