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OdorPet Odor Neutralizer - Concentrate - 2.5 gallons
OdorPet is ideal for use on concrete surfaces, grout, tile, plastic, stainless and galvanized steel and other surfaces where cleaning is difficult to manage

OdorPet Odor Neutralizer - Concentrate - 2.5 gallons

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Part Number: AT-10006
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2+ $123.99
For pet messes anywhere, environmentally safe and biodegradable!

OdorPet is a ready-to-use bio-active enzyme-based odor killer and cleaner

This patent pending formulation acts within minutes to eliminate odors through its powerful odor killer, and continues working as its intelligent bio-active stabilized bacterial spores produce just the right amount of odor eating enzymes to clean and remove the cause of odors and provide long term control

Environmentally safe, this process works by producing fat and starch-splitting enzymes that work on organic debris, reducing it to an odor free solution of CO2 and water 

2 year shelf life!

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