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Nu Cat - Multivitamin Soft Chews - 30 Chews
Yummy soft chew with over 20 ingredients, including key minerals, omega fatty acids from fish oils, and taurine - maintains your cat’s physical and mental well-being

Nu Cat - Multivitamin Soft Chews - 30 Chews

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Part Number: VS-10014
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Complete multi-vitamin/mineral formula with digestive enzymes for cats of all breeds and ages

Specifically formulated to maintain the physical and mental well being of cats, and provides over 40 nutrients including taurine for ocular, neurological, reproductive and cardiovascular support 

Has perna canaliculus, a New Zealand green-lipped mussel that provides joint and connective tissue support, as well as fatty acids to assist in regulating metabolic functions

Yummy chicken flavor

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