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NeoPar Modified Live Parvo Virus - 10 dose tank
Modified live virus vaccine for canine Parvovirus that overrrides moderate to high antibody levels that may be found in puppies

NeoPar Modified Live Parvo Virus - 10 dose tank

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Neo Par is for the vaccination of healthy dogs against disease due to canine parvovirus. Neo Par is designed to be used primarily where the severe threat of canine parvovirus infections exist in the resident dog population. Neopar is a modified live virus vaccine containing a high antigenic mass per dose of a highly immunogenic strain of canine parvovirus


A perishable shipping package containing an insulated bag and adequate ice packs is supplied for each order – the cost of this package is figured into the FedEx Air shipping

During the months of June through September, FedEx Next Day Air is the only shipping option available for vaccines - otherwise, FedEx 2 Day Air will be an option also

Accurate vaccine orders delivered within the FedEx Air guaranteed guideline chosen for each order do not qualify for either a shipping refund or vaccine refund, credit or reship

Mandated Federal Law prohibits the returning of any vaccines for any reason

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