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Dial-A-Dose Soft Feeding Syringe - Stepped Tip - 10 cc
Unique feeding syringe with stepped, silicone tip attached - dial-a-dose with handy, movable dial that regulates amount given at each feeding

Dial-A-Dose Soft Feeding Syringe - Stepped Tip - 10 cc

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Superior to all other hand feeding syringes on the market! 

These unique feeding syringes are designed with a movable dial that will stop the plunger from moving past a certain dosage point. You can choose any dosage point on the dial. This way if you accidentally press all the way down on the plunger, you’ll be stopped from giving too much. This gives you the ability to administer at a slow and steady rate — you’ll just keep rolling the dial up until the syringe is empty

Soft silicone dispensing tip makes the hand feeding of liquids, foods and medicines easy for pets and pet owners alike

This is the only hand feeding syringe made with medical grade silicone to prevent damage to gums, cheeks and teeth 

The durable silicone tips are soft and flexible yet difficult for pets to chew through 

Smooth plunger seal

Stepped design allows you to trim the syringe to the size you need to fit feeding tube, etc.

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