Project Freedom Ride: How a Mother-Son Duo Found Homes for Almost 2000 Dogs

How do you talk with your dog-loving toddler about kill shelters? That is the question that Jen McConn faced when she visited one with her son Roman in 2016. Roman, only four years old at the time, asked her why there were so many dogs in these cages, and she spared him the details and explained, “They’re looking for homes.” With the innocent simplicity and compassion you might expect from a child, he said that people should just find homes for the dogs that don’t have one. 

This led to the founding of Project Freedom Ride, an organization that transports homeless or unwanted dogs from kill shelters in Texas and Georgia to happy homes and humane societies in the Pacific Northwest. 

Here’s how the McConns have rescued almost 2000 dogs in just 3 years, and what you can do to help.

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