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Buck Bone - Elk Antler - Jumbo Split 8
Shed by wild elk, these antlers are Nature's perfect eco-friendly premium dog chew, all natural, organic, and gluten free

Buck Bone - Elk Antler - Jumbo Split 8"- 10"- one antler

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Elk antler is full of protein, calcium, magnesium and other important minerals and vitamins that your dog or puppy needs.

Top Grade A elk antler - no elk are ever harmed in this process, only using naturally shed antlers left behind by wild elk

Antlers naturally clean your dogs teeth – antlers are full of yummy, natural marrow that entices your dog to happily chew, lick and chomp for hours, until all the marrow is removed - but the fun doesn't stop there, because what is left is a tasty, top grade elk antler for your best friend to work on - it's like two natural chew treats in one!

Completely odorless, these antlers are perfect for both indoors and outdoor

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