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Bladder Strength for Dogs - 90 tablets
Combination of ingredients to support normal hormone levels, renal function, bladder muscle strength, and normal bladder tone after spaying or neutering

Bladder Strength for Dogs - 90 tablets

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An advanced combination of factors that work together to improve bladder control, strengthen bladder muscles, improve bladder emptying, and provide anti-microbial support 

Contains pumpkin seed powder, which has been used for prostate and bladder health support and is beneficial to urinary tract function and health due to its cleansing actions

Pumpkin seed powder also supports bladder muscle strength and bladder emptying 

Includes the Chinese herb rehmannia glutinosa to support renal function and healthy estradiol and testosterone levels in females and males, respectively

Great for dogs with urinary incontinence

Tasty, chewable tablet

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