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Banixx Pet Wound Spray - 8 oz.
Odorless and non-staining, no steroids or antibiotics, safe to use around the eyes and mouth - use on any animal

Banixx Pet Wound Spray - 8 oz.

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Non-toxic, steroid and antibiotic free
Part Number: SC-10001
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2+ $11.79
Contains Hydronium, a unique low pH solution that does not burn or irritate skin but changes skin pH so bacteria, fungus and yeast cannot survive 

No steroids or antibiotics, no odor - so no foreign scent to alarm the animal 

Long shelf-life, temperature tolerant

Safe around the eye and mouth

Environmentally friendly

Non-staining and no added dyes

Non-irritating, tissue-friendly formula

Does not cauterize infected tissue

Banixx is a wound, skin and hoof care product that is odorless, non-staining, and sting-free. It is non-toxic, steroid-free, antibiotic-free, and does not contain alcohol or tea tree oils, yet works wonders in any situation where bacteria or fungus are involved including wound care, rain-rot, scratches, fungus, white-line disease, thrush, and abscesses. 

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