No Need for a Prescription with These Popular Vet Meds

We recently discussed the proper use of over-the-counter (OTC) medicine when caring for your pets. Any pet owner, new or experienced, needs to know as much as they can about what is available without a prescription. You never know when your pet might fall ill or get hurt, nor when you’ll need medication on hand. That’s why, as a companion piece to that article, we’d also like to save you some effort in determining which meds may be most helpful. Here’s some information on popular vet meds and the common ailments they can treat.

syringes for animals


Just like humans, dogs and cats can receive shots to prevent common viruses from infecting them. You can even perform the treatment yourself with OTC vaccines, syringes and needles. (OTC syringes for diabetic animals are available here, too!) Some over the counter medicines are single-dose treatments, which can be one-and-done solutions for a variety of viruses. Others come in packs of 25 doses for longer-term treatments. Please note: there are more vaccines for dogs out there than vaccines for cats.

Animal Wound Care

Animal Wound Care

Sometimes, your pet will get hurt. As painful as it may feel for them (and for you), a wound left untreated can serve as the gateway to something even worse. Animal wound care products come in many different forms, ranging from wound cleansers to healing ointments and gels to antibacterial adhesives.

Topical Antibiotics

Another valuable type of medication for treating cuts and injuries is animal antibiotics, which can stave off dangerous foreign bacteria and the infections they bring. Keep your dog, cat, horse, cattle, or pig safe with topical antibiotics, such as silver gel and anti-septic ointment.

fish mox

Fish Antibiotics

This type of drug is not just limited to four-legged friends. You can find fish antibiotics as well. When your piscine pal feels under the weather, there are plenty of ways that you can cure their disease. Amoxicillin and cephalexin capsules, for example, help a fish’s body get rid of a variety of harmful bacteria. You can even use penicillin tablets for diseases like fin rot and dropsy.

Hairball Laxatives

When cats groom themselves, they end up swallowing quite a lot of dead hair that usually comes out the natural way. Sometimes, however, it all clumps in the stomach, requiring the poor cat to hack and strain and vomit the hairball. Specially made hairball laxatives help the hair go down easier. They can even come in meat-flavored, chewable, fatty acid-rich treats.

Antibacterial Shampoo

Bathing is a great occasion for maintaining health in addition to hygiene, especially with products that combine both. Antibacterial shampoo does so much more than clean their coat and make them smell pretty. It can also strengthen their fur and moisturize the skin underneath it. These special products can even treat fungal infections and kill bacteria. Cats might not appreciate antibacterial shampoo, but it can help them greatly.

These are just a small selection of the many different types of medication you can find, curated for diversity in both the ailments treated and the pets helped. California Veterinary Supply offers all these popular vet meds and more through a massive online store. Hopefully, this information proves helpful and exploring our inventory can be even more valuable in finding exactly what your animal friend needs.